Gun lobby extremists and their allies in Congress want to impose a law that
will let dangerous people like George Zimmerman carry concealed guns nationwide. 

Fort Wayne Journal Gazette Editorial

Fort Wayne Journal Gazette Editorial: Congress seeks to undermine state’s gun limits

Indiana’s gun laws governing permits to carry concealed handguns are among the most lenient in the nation, but do offer some reasonable protections that most Hoosiers want. A bill under consideration in Congress, H.R. 822, would supersede Indiana laws and require every state to honor other states’ gun-carrying permits.

Indiana law prohibits granting a concealed carry permit to applicants who have been convicted of resisting law enforcement, have a history of drug and/or alcohol abuse or have been convicted of violating state gun laws in the five years prior to the application. State law also gives local law enforcement limited discretion to approve or deny carry permits.

The proposal would require Indiana to honor the permits of people from other states who may not meet those minimal standards.Congress wisely rejected a similar proposal in 2009. And Mayors Against Illegal Guns – a bipartisan coalition of 600 mayors, including Fort Wayne’s Tom Henry and Angola’s Richard Hickman – is urging lawmakers to reject this legislation as well.

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Tell Washington:

Don’t take away our right to keep our communities safe.

I oppose efforts by politicians in Washington to override the decisions of local communities and police when it comes to carrying concealed, loaded guns in our state. Our lives are at stake – so honor our state’s laws.