Gun lobby extremists and their allies in Congress want to impose a law that
will let dangerous people like George Zimmerman carry concealed guns nationwide. 

Tell Washington:

Don’t take away our right to keep our communities safe.

I oppose efforts by politicians in Washington to override the decisions of local communities and police when it comes to carrying concealed, loaded guns in our state. Our lives are at stake – so honor our state’s laws.

Many voices are united against legislation that attacks the authority of states to decide who can carry concealed guns in their communities:

Law Enforcement

Police officers risk their lives every day and oppose this legislation, which put them in even greater danger.


Mayors oppose stripping communities of the right to institute their own laws to keep their citizens and police safe.

Faith Leaders

People of faith are united against this legislation that threatens the peace of their communities.


The people who work to put criminals behind bars know this law will make it harder for them to protect citizens.


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